Oracle XML Class Generator

May 18, 2000


Bug fix for #1179636 - Add support for adding CData Section Bug fix for #1305125 - Cannot instaniate multiple document classes

Oracle XML Class Generator

September 30, 1999

This release of XML Class Generator requires XML Parser Version 2.


Bug fixes for #959042, i.e., Fixed the default encoding of XML output; #959057, i.e., validateContent function need to throw InvalidContentException.

NOTE: See v2changes.txt and the .diff difference files in the sample directory for changes required to use XML Parser Version 2

This is the first production release.

Oracle XML Class Generator

April 9, 1999

Fixed a bug #860168 to handled DTD having Java keywords as attributes. Added functionality to serialize the DTD, instead of re-parsing the text DTD.

New APIs in the following Classes:
1. oracle.xml.classgen.ClassGenerator
        -setSerializationMode( Sets flag to determine if the DTD should be saved as a serialized object or as text file)

Oracle XML Class Generator

January 15, 1999

The Oracle XML Class Generator, written in Java, will generate a set of Java source files based on an input DTD. The generated Java source files can then be used to construct, optionally validate, and print a XML document that is compliant to the DTD specified. This is an early beta release.

The licensing agreement is found in LICENSE.  The XML Class Generator is currently available only for testing purposes.  We expect to make it available for commercial use in the future. 

Please post any questions, comments, or bug reports to the XML Forum on the Oracle Technology Network at  At this time OTN is your only support resource.

The Oracle XML Class Generator requires Oracle XML Parser. The XML Document, printed by the generated classes, confirms to the W3C recommendation for Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0.

The Oracle XML Class Generator can optionally generate validating Java source files. It also optionally generates Javadoc comments in the source files.

The Oracle XML Class Generator supports the following encodings for printing the XMLDocument:  UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-10646-UCS-2, ISO-10646-UCS-4, US-ASCII, EBCDIC-CP-US, ISO-8859-1, and Shift_SJIS.   ASCII is the default encoding if none is specified.  Any other ASCII or EBCDIC based encodings that are supported by the JDK may be used. 

The following directories and files are found in the release:

   license.html - licensing agreement
   readme.html - this file
   doc/ - API documentation
   lib/ - contains the XML Class Generator archive
   sample/ - contains examples of how to use the XML Class Generator