This is the second production patch release.

Oracle XML Transviewer

March  31, 2000


Proper icons where added in xmlcomp.jar. The icons represent the beans visually
when the beans are installed on the JDeveloper tools palette.

New class DBAccess was added. The API defined in the class can be used for
program access the CLOB tables managed by the XMLTransformPanel.

This is the first production patch release.

Oracle XML Transviewer

February  14, 2000


Database connectivity added to the XMLTransformPanel. Now the bean can connect
to Oracle 8i and has these new features:

- Submitting query to the database, converting the result set in XML and loading the
  XML data into the bean.
- Storing and retrieving XML, XSL, HTML and text files into the database in tables
  as CLOB elements. The tables are automatically created and managed by the bean.
 Multiple files can be stored in a single table as records. The bean allows you to move
 the XML in and out from the database, to move data between different databases and
 between the database and the file system.

NOTE: In order to use the above database functionality you will need to download
the XML SQL Utility from OTN and have the appropriate JDBC drivers.

Bug fixes:

Bug #1063200: xmlsourceviewer: setting colors (other than background) doesn't work
Bug #1063193: missing javabeans methods like isEditable() on xmlsourceviewer
Bug #1063188: transviewer beans not recognized by some ide as beans
Bug #1063179: xmlsourceviewer: boxes show up in text
Bug #1063171: transviewer: beans ship with parser

First production release
Oracle XML Transviewer
December 20, 1999

No changes since the previous release

Oracle XML Transviewer Beta
December 08, 1999


Added following BeanInfo classes:

API changes:
   The class XMLStyledDocument has been made protected.

Bugs fixed:
   #1063193 - isEditable method was added to XMLSourceView class.
   #1063200 - XMLSourceView setting colors did not work
   #1063179 - XMLTreeView - boxes showed up in the text
   #1063188 - Transviewer beans not recognized by IDE as beans

New features:
   New icons representing the beans added
   All beans are resizable
   Transviewer bean error handling improved

Oracle XML Transviewer Beta
October 29, 1999

Added new visual Java bean - XMLTransformPanel: